MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, FL, USA

C3EL performed the design and integration of the campus-wide public address and warning system at USCENTCOM Headquarters in Tampa, FL. The solution was an IP-based server application, multiple operator consoles, and public address system that enabled broadcast communication to all the USCENTCOM facilities (interior and exterior) located at MacDill Air Force Base. This project included the design, procurement, project planning, management, and installation of the new system. Our team also performed operator and administrator training to the system administration and emergency management teams and personnel.

In addition, C3EL was also contracted to design and support the integration of the visual information systems at the USCENTCOM Reception Center. This project consisted of a theater style media briefing center and a large interactive classroom with multiple display systems.

Al Udeid Air Force Base, Doha, Qatar

C3EL was contracted to extend the campus-wide public address and warning system at USCENTCOM Headquarters in Tampa, FL to the USCENTCOM Forward Headquarters (CFH) at Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar. Our team designed, deployed, and installed the campus-wide public address and warning system in all CFH facilities which enhanced the emergency management capabilities of the organization.

C3EL was contracted to provide audiovisual engineering, systems integration, and network support at USCENTCOM Forward Headquarters at Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar. Our team renovated the Command’s Extron VN Matrix System, upgraded the Enterprise Controllers hardware, and all the devices firmware. We also expanded the command and control capabilities by installing additional ThinkLogical transmitters and receivers throughout the facility.

Our system integration team designed, installed, and configured an audiovisual system to a support a new Joint Operations Center. The system consisted of Extron, Crestron, BiAmp, and Tandberg devices, 12 displays, 16 microphones, ceiling mounted speakers, and two touch panels.

MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, FL, USA

C3EL was contracted to design and build the AV and VTC system for the SOCOM Alternate War Gaming Center (WGC). This is a 1500 sq. ft. room, with four HD projectors and twelve 65-inch LCD screens. We provided custom Crestron programming, a custom BIAMP DaVinci user interface for the audio system, a digital signage encoder server, with ten DMA receivers. The project included a video recording suite, automated lighting and a custom laser highlighting system.

Patch Barracks, Stuttgart, Germany

C3EL was contracted to support EUCOM standardization efforts, and to build multiple conference rooms. The project consisted of developing a standards guide and a standardized Crestron core program that includes all EUCOM specific functionality, and multi-class security requirements. To date C3EL has built four rooms using the new standards. Each room included new AV infrastructure, multiple displays, Crestron control, AMX video switch, BIAMP audio processor, Multi-Class VTC systems.

The Pentagon, Washington, DC

C3EL was contracted to perform AV systems renovation for the AFRICOM Liaison Office. The project consisted of removing the legacy system, and building a new system based on current AFRICOM standards. The system included two 55” NEC displays, Extron DMS switch, ClearOne audio, AMX control, Multi-Class VTC systems.

Camp Red Cloud, Uijeongbu, Korea

C3EL was contracted to renovate the AV/VTC systems for two 45-seat command centers and three OPT rooms. We started with requirements analysis, building a design plan, developing systems, support infrastructure and facilities designs, supporting procurement and shipping. We then deployed a team of 6 personnel, received the shipments in country, and integrated the systems. The project included an Extron Fox Matrix 144 X 144 high-resolution video distribution matrix system over fiber optics layer 1 infrastructure, installation of a fiber optic distribution system, custom programming tying all six systems together, that share multiclass VTC resources, and over 100 PC sources. The system included multiple projector arrays, with edge blending, multiple camera video production systems, CCTV, SATCOM connectivity and custom digital audio systems.

Kelly Barracks, Stuttgart, Germany

C3EL was contracted to provide A/V system integration for the SOCAF Commanders Office. The project included Multi-Class VTC systems, Extron Fox F/O video distribution, ClearOne audio, AMX processor and programming.

Additionally C3EL currently has a team on the ground supporting the migration of 1500 users to SOFNET.

Al Udeid Air Force Base, Doha, Qatar

C3EL is currently under contract to design, plan and integrate the visual information systems for the new Qatari Air force Operations center located at Al Udeid Air Force Base, Doha Qatar. The project includes, multiple HD projectors, advanced video processing, digital video and audio distribution, and custom programming.