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Command and Control Communications,
Engineering & Logistics, LLC
P: (813) 620-0051 | E: info@c3el.com
1911 N US HWY 301, Suite 100
Tampa, FL 33619


We are a Uniquely-Qualified Defense Company, with Secret through TS-SCI security cleared Engineers, Technicians, Logisticians, and supporting staff, who understand our role as the contractor working on a DOD site. Command and Control Communications Engineering & Logistics, LLC (C³EL) is a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) with extensive prior military background supporting real-world operations in theater and in the US. We specialize in building command centers worldwide. Senior management deploys directly with the teams to maintain the highest standards of quality.

C³EL has successful past performance building command centers, briefing centers, conference rooms, and support infrastructure at the highest visibility levels in the industry.

We are adept at all aspects of preferred DOD engineering processes, and understand the coordination required between the contractor and the Operations, Communications, Intel, Facilities, and Security Directorates, as well as other base entities, necessary to successfully design, vet, and build systems and centers for the DOD.

Our Engineers are experts at developing I.A compliant designs for Multi-Classification Systems supporting US DOD and NATO major commands, with a key focus on converging the myriad of systems supporting a command center, to a simple intuitive automated single point of control.

Our growing Certification List Includes:

Our Growing Client List Includes:

8570-297-ENU Cisco TelePresence Video Field Engineer
CTS Certified Technology Specialist
Biamp Certified Design Programming & Installation
Crestron Master Programmer
Crestron Digital Media Certified Designer 4K
AMX Certified Programmer
Autodesk Autocad
(EE) (PE) Electrical Engineer, Practicing Engineer FL
Harman Certified Control Associate – Programming/Design
Crestron CTI-CSD
CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+
Cisco CCNA
Biamp Tesira Forte
ThinkLogical Technician 300
Crestron CTI-P101
Shure Microflex Advanced
Dante Lvl 1

Microsoft MCSE
InfoCom AV Deign 3
TrendMicro Tipping Point Expert
Cisco CCDS
AMX Harman Certified Control Professional
ClearOne Collaborate Audio/Video Conferencing Product Specialist
Crestron NVX
FIS Advanced Fiber Optics/Fusion Splicing/Splice on Connector
Extron Certified Programmer
Freeport Multi-Domain Video Networking Switch
Cinemassive Field Service
Extron Authorized Programmer
Adobe Photoshop Training

























Core competencies include the following:
• LED-LCD-DLP Video walls, projection edge blending and rear screen projection systems, to include custom mounts and structures.
• Large-scale video matrix systems.
• Crestron and AMX custom control system programming.
AV and TelePresence systems design, integration O&M.
• Public address systems, emergency announcement systems, digital sound processor systems, paging and intercom systems.
• Close Circuit Television (CCTV) systems design and integration.
• Digital signage systems design and integration.
• Architectural design.
• Access control and intrusion detection systems design and integration.
• Technical furnishings and space planning.
• Automated lighting.
• Acoustic treatments.
• Access flooring systems.
• Structured cabling and support systems.
• International logistics.


Experts at building multi-classification systems in a DOD environment. We have a broad understanding of information assurance requirements, related documentation and processes, unified facilities criteria (UFC), Intelligence Community Directive (ICD) 705 and all required regulations and directives to engineer and build in a secure environment. We design, deploy and build end to end solutions worldwide. We Provide Cutting Edge Solutions For Our Nations State Of The Art Warfighter C³EL Network Engineers have experience with Cisco routers, switches, firewalls, Intrusion Protection Systems, Unified Communications Managers, Meeting Server, Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phones, Prime network management suite, Blue Coat proxy, Trend Micro Tipping Point and encryption devices.


USCENTCOM Forward Headquarters, Al Udeid Air Base, Doha, Qatar

C³EL modernized the AV/VTC system of the headquarters by removing the legacy systems—removing outdated rack equipment, displays, three Barco video walls, and old cabling. The project included a full upgrade of twenty-one rooms, those being the Commander’s, Deputy Commander’s, the Joint Operations Center (JOC), the Network Operations Center (NOC), and conference rooms small and large. All of these rooms included multiple VTC solutions.

C³EL also built three Planar 8×3 LED Video Walls for the headquarters, upgraded all displays with new, 98-, 65-, and 55-inch displays, and tested all of the cabling throughout the building. Manufacturers included in this project were Crestron control systems, Thinklogical fiber matrixes, Biamp Digital Signal Processors, Cisco networking devices, and GVision Digital Signage.

USEUCOM Joint Operations Center and Senior Decision Cell, Patch Barracks, Stuttgart, Germany.

The C³EL Team was recently tasked to replace two aging large projector systems in the United States European Command (USEUCOM), Headquarters Joint Operations Center (JOC) and the Senior Decision Cell (SDC) with two new Leyard DirectLight 2 LED Video Wall Systems. In addition to the design and integration of both LED walls and new video processors, the scope of work included the demolition, engineering, and construction of a new wall that could support the new JOC video wall.  Our team deployed C³EL technicians and one of our master programmers to Stuttgart, Germany to fully integrate the video walls in the existing complex AV system.  The USEUCOM JOC installation was the largest Leyard DirectLight 2 LED Video Wall system integration to date in the Department of Defense.  The project was successfully completed on time and on budget.

2nd Infantry Division, Camp Red Cloud, Uijeongbu, Korea. 

C³EL renovated the AV systems for two 45-seat command centers and three Operations Planning Team (OPT) rooms. The project started with requirements analysis, building a design plan, developing systems, support infrastructure and facilities designs, supporting procurement and shipping. A team of six personnel was deployed to receive the shipments in country and integrate the systems. The project included two Extron Fox Matrix 144 X 144 high-resolution video distribution matrix system over fiber optic layer 1 infrastructure, installation of a fiber optic distribution system, custom programming that connected all the AV systems together to share multiple classification video teleconferencing (VTC) resources, and over 100 personal computer (PC) sources. The system included multiple projector arrays with edge blending, multiple camera video production systems, CCTV, SATCOM connectivity and custom digital audio systems.

USAFRICOM, The Pentagon in Washington DC.

C³EL renovated the AV/VTC systems for the AFRICOM Liaison Office (ALO). The project consisted of removing the legacy system and building a new system based on current AFRICOM standards. The system included multiple classification VTC operations.

USAFRICOM, Kelly Barracks, Stuttgart, Germany. 

C³EL currently provides full-time O&M system support engineers covering networks, AV systems and programming to the USAFRICOM Joint Operations Center (JOC). This is one of the largest AMX and Thinklogical systems in existence.

In addition to O&M support, C³EL completed numerous projects for the command comprised of medium-sized conference rooms, and the installation Command Center. Each of these rooms included multiple classification VTC solutions.

C³EL can provide full-time industry certified professionals and Engineers to support the Operations and Maintenance activities required to service A/V equipment during its operational lifecycle. C³EL’s support professionals provide thorough Preventative Maintenance Inspections (PMI) leading to a reduction in life-cycle replacement of the A/V equipment by ensuring A/V systems operate at recommended manufacturer specifications. The team has the ability to set up and maintain the Solar winds Network Management Systems to monitor the health of the A/V system in real time and resolve any issues before they are noticed by end users. C³EL’s onsite support personnel diagnose and troubleshoot the technologies commonly deployed in today’s modern A/V solutions and resolve issues associated with cabling, fiber optic infrastructure, A/V transmitters and receivers, and display equipment such as monitors and projectors. C³EL’s A/V support personnel troubleshoot and optimize the gain structure of the audio system (microphones, DSP’s, audio amplifiers, and speakers) for the best acoustic performance in any room. C³EL’s support personnel also ensure the IP based systems in the A/V control network infrastructure are properly configured, operate reliably and securely by maintaining compliance with the organizations Information Assurance policies. C³EL’s onsite personnel serve as Subject Matter Experts to its customers by providing the best practices and cost-effective recommendations when the integration of new A/V capabilities is required to meet future mission requirements. C³EL’s onsite support personnel are responsible for configuration management of the A/V systems and ensure the A/V O&M documentation is always up to date. They are responsible for maintaining backups of the A/V O&M configuration data to prevent data loss from catastrophic or events and strive to optimize and maintain the performance AV system with a high degree of availability and reliability in a cost-effective manner.

USEUCOM, Patch Barracks, Stuttgart, Germany.

C³EL currently provide full-time O&M system support engineers covering multiple networks enclaves, AV systems and programming.

In addition to O&M at EUCOM, C³EL has completed numerous projects for the command comprised of medium-sized conference rooms. Each of these rooms included multiple classification VTC solutions.

Other Key projects include: developing a standard guide and a standardized Crestron core program that includes all USEUCOM specific functionality, and multi-class security requirements.

USEUCOM, Layer 1 Data Center Expansion, Patch Barracks, Stuttgart, Germany.

The project scope entailed the design and integration of multiple intermediate distribution frames (IDF) and cross connect cable systems in the headquarters (HQ) primary data center. The project consisted of the installation of five racks, with power and grounding to be used as cross connects for the existing systems. It also included Modular and High – Density Feed-Thru fiber optic patch panels – Single-Mode and Multi-Mode MTP pre-terminated fiber – to patch between IDFs via new overhead suspended cable trays supporting 1500 users.

USEUCOM, Operations Division Office Renovation, Patch Barracks, Stuttgart, Germany.

The project scope was to demolish and remove existing infrastructure, install a modular access floor system, and integrate all new data, voice and audio-visual systems for a 5000-square foot space supporting 65 users. This work included coordination to trace and disconnect existing power, installation of data and voice category 5 (Cat5) and fiber optics cable distribution to the area without effecting adjacent spaces, installation of new power distribution to the area, Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) and AV systems.

USEUCOM, Deputy Commander (DCO) Suite, Patch Barracks, Stuttgart, Germany.

This project was a life cycle replacement (LCR) and upgrade of the DCOM office suite. The installation was comprised of Thinklogical matrix system with VTC capabilities supporting multiple network enclaves, and included remote keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) routing for all PC’s.

USEUCOM, Virtual Desktop Integration, Patch Barracks, Stuttgart, Germany.

C³EL provided a support team of engineers and technicians to upgrade over 3000 desktop work stations from PC’s to zero client virtual desktop architecture. This work included planning and implementing the desktop hardware change outs, and working with the command networks and system administration staff to provision the new zero clients on two network enclaves.

Special Operations Command Africa (SOCAF), Kelly Barracks, Stuttgart, Germany.

C³EL renovated the SOCAF Commander’s office systems. The project included multiple classification VTC systems, Extron Fox fiber optics video distribution, ClearOne audio, AMX control system and programming. Additionally, C³EL provided multiple technicians in support of the migration of 1500 users to a new command specific enclave. This work was comprised of desktop installations, TR installations and patching, migrating user accounts in active directory.

USCENTCOM, MacDill AFB, Tampa, Florida.

C³EL designed and integrated the Campus-wide public address system at USCENTCOM. The solution encompassed an audio-over-IP system that broadcasts to interior and exterior zones throughout all USCENTCOM 13 facilities at MacDill AFB. C³EL was also contracted to provide the design, project planning service and integration support of the visual information systems at the USCENTCOM Reception Center. This project consisted of theater style media briefing center and a large classroom with interactive display systems.

USSOCOM, MacDill AFB, Tampa, Florida.

C³EL designed and built the AV and VTC systems for the SOCOM Alternate War Gaming Center (WGC) a 1500 square foot room, with four high definition (HD) projectors and twelve 65-inch LCD screens. A custom Crestron program, a custom BIAMP DaVinci user interface for the audio system, a digital signage encoder server, with ten DMA receivers, a video recording suite, automated lighting and a custom laser highlighting system were provided to support this project.

Royal Qatari Air Force, Doha, Qatar.

C³EL collaborated with Raytheon and Extron in the design and integration of the Qatari airport operations center video distribution system located at Al Udeid Air Force Base, Doha Qatar. The project included multiple HD projectors, advanced video processing, digital video and audio distribution, and custom programming.

EUCOM, Mission Command Center (EMCC) Audio/Video Technical Support.

C³EL provides advanced Audio/Visual (AV) technical, engineering, and programming support for the European Command (EUCOM) Mission Command Center (EMCC). Our staff served as the technical AV SME, configuration manager, master-level programmer and network/server administrator that supports, maintains, services, and monitors all C4 Systems for the EUCOM Plans and Operation Division. Our C³EL staff also served as technical advisers to the EUCOM J3 Leadership regarding the current health of the complex AV system, future requirements, special projects, new systems integration and lifecycle replacement efforts. The EUCOM Mission Command Center (EMCC) consists of key operational rooms, including Joint Operations Center (JOC), Senior Decision Cell (SDC), the Focal Point Operations Center (FPOC), and various Contingency Operations (COOP) sites. There are also six collaboration spaces in the JOC that can operate at multiple classifications levels and provide additional VTC capabilities.

C³EL’s EUCOM staff is responsible for the operations and maintenance of several ThinkLogical fiber matrixes, the Crestron and Java control systems, multiple BiAmp Digital Signal Processors, the Jupiter Video Wall processors, the DMX light control system, digital signage, IP media players, Cisco networking devices, and two virtual Windows Server platforms. The EMCC AV system has over 3,000 integrated endpoints and devices.

C³EL’s technical staff performs quality control and preventative maintenance measures on a daily basis to ensure the JOC, SDC and collaboration spaces are fully operational and ready to support any VTC (Video Teleconference) or briefing activities. Our staff is responsible for records management of all incidents related to classified/unclassified workstations, network devices, phones, and all peripherals within the EMCC.

C³EL is currently modernizing the EMCC AV System. This includes effort will include optimizing the complex program code and the life cycle replacement of critical system components such as the control system, audio hardware, and several video walls.

Other recent projects include: 

• Integration of 76 conference rooms for the Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM) at multiple CONCUS sites
• Design and integration of a 35 seat operations center and conference rooms for USCENTCOM OCONUS
• Design and integration of two 25 seat joint Cyber Centers at USEUCOM
• Multiple VTC rooms for Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) at the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) in Mons, Belgium
• Two Situation rooms at the TSA Freedom Center in Herdon, Virginia
• Five conference rooms and a Joint operations center for JIATF South, Key West, Florida
• Two Launch Facility Control Rooms 49th Space Wing, Cape Canaveral, Florida
• Cinemassive display wall system at SOJTF Camp Arifjan Kuwait